America's Birthday Present!
America's Birthday Present!
America's Birthday Present!
America's Birthday Present!
America's Birthday Present!
America's Birthday Present!

America's Birthday Present!

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There is only ONE way to truly celebrate the birth of our great nation...American raised meat! That alone would be enough but we went one step further by teaming up with Cordova Outdoors to make sure that you will be surrounded in patriotism wherever you go with our CUSTOM American Flag cooler to show off to all of your friends.

This is a VERY limited offer that will sell out and when they're gone, they're gone. 

What You're Going To Get:

1 - HUGE Dry-Aged Tomahawk Ribeye Steak Right around 2 LBS of American glory. China wouldn't have any clue how to eat this perfectly marbled masterpiece!

2 - Packages of Pre-made 1/3lb Hamburger Patties (6 patties in each pack) What is more American than being busy and having us pre-make your patties to fit into your busy life? #merica

1-Pack of Cross O Meats custom jalapeno beef sticks (not too hot but full of flavor) These beef sticks instantly increase patriotism by at LEAST 42.3%

5 - 1 Pound Dry-Aged Ground Beef Chubs Do you want to shape your own patties? What is more American than adding some goodies in the middle of a handmade patty anyways?

1-CUSTOM America Cross O Meats Cordova Adventurer cooler *This is a custom cooler specifically designed BY US. You cannot purchase this anywhere else*

It is rated at 48 quarts and could hold up to 42 cans. W

ith its Anti-Slip Goat Feet, you can load your Cordova in truck bed and be confident it will not slide around for off road hunting and fishing excursions. The Top Loader Latches ensure that you can pack gear tight around your Cordova, and still be able to easily access its contents. Every Cordova Cooler comes with a Lid LockTM to keep the lid up while you are getting your goodies out. When pre-cooled, (getting the insulation in the cooler cold, which will melt your first batch of ice) the foam used in all Cordova hard side coolers is robust enough to keep your refreshments cold for days on end. One more great benefit is their machined aluminum handles with integrated bottle openers and comfort foam grips. They’re rock solid, beautiful, and lock in just the right position to make carrying your Cordova comfortable.


Pick Up/Delivery Options:

If you're one of our "local" customers, we are happy to offer you two options for picking up your beef.

1) You can come here to the ranch in Pollock and pick if up yourself.


2) If your order is over $90, we can coordinate when we are making deliveries in your area and set up time to meet you closer to home. 


If you are further down the trail, we are excited to ship our beef directly to your door!  We always ship on Monday's or Tuesday's and use UPS two day shipping to ensure our packages arrive safely.