Cross O Meats Custom EZ Hook Grilling Tool

Cross O Meats Custom EZ Hook Grilling Tool

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Grilling will never be the same!

Unless you are a caveman, you're not going to cook with your bare hands. High-quality, durable utensils are an important part of barbecuing and the E-Z Hook® is especially made to keep you safe from the flaming hot grill.

E-Z Hooks are perfect for barbecuing, because they are longer (17" long) and stronger, made to withstand extremely hot temperatures, more so than regular cooking utensils. E-Z Hooks are suited for outdoor and indoor use. Because of their good quality and durability E-Z Hooks are a must for any grill master or chef. E-Z Hooks will last through many barbecue cookouts and other cooking occasions.

Each E-Z Hook® is made from hardened stainless steel, hand sharpened and turned with locally sourced hardwood handles from sustainable forests right here in the United States. With proper care they should last a lifetime.