Local Alpha Blend
Local Alpha Blend

Local Alpha Blend

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It is said that in the wild the alpha male/female will always eat the liver first. Why is that? It's because it truly is natures superfood. With it's high quality and bioavailable nutrients and minerals, it is quite possibly the most important food we can have in our diet. However, so many people cannot handle the taste of liver so you have to try our Alpha Blend! It's a mix of the amazing Cross O Ground Beef that you all know and love, delicately infused with our beef liver.  Now you can eat a "healthy" hamburger or use it in your favorite ground beef recipes. 

Every single cut of our meat is grown and raised on the Cross O Ranch in the mountains of central Idaho. The lush mountain grass and crystal clear springs contribute to creating the highest quality meat that can be found anywhere in the world.

 Approximately .75 lbs to 1 lbs Package

Pick Up/Delivery Options:

As one of our "local" customers, we are happy to offer you two options for picking up your beef.

1) You can come here to the ranch in Pollock and pick if up yourself.


2) We can coordinate when we are making deliveries in your area and set up time to meet you closer to home.