Local Pork Bratwursts

Local Pork Bratwursts

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The German Classic done Cross O Meats style! Brats are a staple at any great grilling event. Sometimes it is a little nerve-racking to think about what is in something that is in a casing but rest assured your brats are raised to the standard that all of our other meat is held; no GMO’s, no corn or soy and no hormones or other nastiness. It will be nothing but pure and natural greatness with every juicy bite!

Pick Up/Delivery Options:

As one of our "local" customers, we are happy to offer you two options for picking up your pork.

1) You can come here to the ranch in Pollock and pick if up yourself.


2) We can coordinate when we are making deliveries in your area and set up time to meet you closer to home.