The Local Pork Planner Pack

The Local Pork Planner Pack

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Do you need to stock up but don’t have a ton of room? Our Heritage bred pork can come to you in a “Planner Pack” that is just the right size. Once you try a bite of the steaks, chops or anything else in this bundle, you may end up wanting to get a prepper pack next time but this will have plenty to hold you over until then!

The Pork Planner Pack Includes:
10 Assorted Pork Chops
2 Pork Steaks
1 Packages Farm Style Ribs
1 Package Brats
2 Packages Breakfast Sausage Links
2 Packages Breakfast Sausage
2 Leg/Ham Steak
3 Packages Sliced Pork Belly (aka Natural Bacon)


Pick Up/Delivery Options:

As one of our "local" customers, we are happy to offer you two options for picking up your pork.

1) You can come here to the ranch in Pollock and pick if up yourself.


2) We can coordinate when we are making deliveries in your area and set up time to meet you closer to home.