The Local Sampler Pack

The Local Sampler Pack

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We live by "the more beef the better" but sometimes space is limited. If that's the case, the Sampler Pack is for you! It's your opportunity to get the highest quality, dry-aged, premium mountain raised beef that money can buy in an easy to store bundle.

The "Sampler Pack" Includes:
2 Dry-Aged Round Steaks
2 Dry-Aged Top Sirloin Steaks
1 Beef Roast
3 Chubs Dry-Aged Ground Beef


Pick Up/Delivery Options:

As one of our "local" customers, we are happy to offer you two options for picking up your beef.

1) You can come here to the ranch in Pollock and pick if up yourself.


2) We can coordinate when we are making deliveries in your area and set up time to meet you closer to home. 


*Photo may include similar cuts to mentioned description*