The Beef Planner Pack - Shipped

The Beef Planner Pack - Shipped

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**If this is sold out but you're interested in a Planner Pack - please reach out to us via email at regarding pre-ordering for our next processing date**


Give your family the gift of mouth watering, premium dry-aged beef family style! Having 4 kids, we KNOW how expensive and challenging it can be to get enough high quality meat at the nearest box store. Plus, when you have a freezer full of naturally raised beef, you will always have a plan for dinner!

The "Planner Pack" (Approximately 1/4 beef) INCLUDES:
1 Dry-Aged Large Brisket
6 Dry-Aged Ribeye Steaks
6 Dry-Aged Tenderloin Filet Steaks
6 Dry-Aged Top Sirloin Steaks
4 Dry-Aged New York Steaks
4 Dry-Aged Beef Roasts
4 Dry-Aged Thick Cut Short Ribs
4 Dry-Aged Beef Soup Bones/Osso Buco
60lbs Dry-Aged Ground Beef (1 lb chubs)



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