The Pork Planner Pack - Shipped

The Pork Planner Pack - Shipped

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Do you need to stock up but don’t have a ton of room? Our Heritage bred pork can come to you in a “Planner Pack” that is just the right size. Once you try a bite of the steaks, chops or anything else in this bundle, you may end up wanting to get a prepper pack next time but this will have plenty to hold you over until then!

The Pork Planner Pack Includes:
10 Assorted Pork Chops
2 Pork Steaks
1 Packages Farm Style Ribs
1 Package Brats
2 Packages Breakfast Sausage Links
2 Packages Breakfast Sausage
2 Leg/Ham Steak
3 Packages Sliced Pork Belly (aka Natural Bacon)



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